The Korten wines are being created in the Korten boutique winery, known for its methods of microvinification, as well as for its emblematic red wines.
The winery has the most modern technology and equipment provided by world leading manufacturers. This allows the combination of traditions and modern winemaking practices to produce high-end boutique wines.
The Korten winery uses in excess of 2300 American barrels and French barriques - a must to be able to produce premium wines of diverse vintages and of different age.

In harmony with Nature

The nature of the Korten wines is based on the harmony between man and nature. The aim of the winemakers is to utilise to the maximum the natural processes in order to get some authentic and natural wines with distinct varietal character and demonstration of the terroir, thus demonstrating the entire experience, philosophy and creative signature. These are wines that offer the connoisseurs an exciting experience of the senses with their defined uniqueness and a huge potential for development over time.