The Spirit of Quality Rakia

Because good rakia is distilled from quality wine, the grape selection process for the production of the KORTEN rakia is very maticulous, so to achieve the required high quality and uniqueness of distillates. The grapes come from certain vineyards, vinified following special technology to obtain clean and intensive variety flavour. 

Korten Reserve
Matured Muscat Rakia

KORTEN RESERVE MATURED MUSCAT RAKIA is a high-quality rakia, created by a special technology via distillation of wine from whole grapes  of the Muscat Ottonel variety with the aim to achieve intensive variety flavour. The grapes for this type of rakia are hand-picked in crates from a selected vineyard. The rakia matures consecutively in selected traditional oak casks and casks from Muscat Ottonel dessert wine for over 5 years.

One distinctive rakia, a result of Rosen Georgiev`s experience and knowledge for making the perfect product.


Alcohol: 40 % vol
Volume: е700ml
Double cask matured

Matured Muscat Rakia Limited Selection

To produce the distillate for this rakia, we carefully selected grapes of the Muscat Ottonel variety and vinified them under special conditions for an optimum expression of the variety potential. Maturing in golden oak casks for over 5 years to achieve a noble finesse.

Alcohol: 40 % vol
Volume: е500ml
5 years barrel aged

Bistra Muscat Rakia Limited Selection

The rakia is produced from the Muscat Ottonel variety in the spirit of our best traditions. The main element in the aromatic profile of this rakia is characterised by the purity of the leading grape fruitiness. The flavour is marked by a pleasant start, indulging length and softness.

Alcohol: 40 % vol
Volume: е500ml
Double distilled

Korten Rakia
Anise & Honey

This High quality rakia is created by using a special technology of double wine distillation. The spirit has specific taste features due to the added star anise seed extract.

The rakia impresses with a predominant anise aroma, a harmonious honey note and noble taste.

Alcohol: 47 % vol
Volume: е700ml
Extra fine rakia


Serving proposal:
50ml Rakia | Anise & Honey
50ml of water
2 ice cubes