Some of the most renown Bulgarian winemakers – Kapka Georgievа and Rosen Georgiev head the oenological and technological team that manages the vineyards and produces the wine. University educated and trained in fine wine making in Bulgaria, France and Australia, abiding by the best world practises, constantly experimenting and innovating, the team has dedicated more than two decades of their professional life to create some of the best and most rewarded Bulgarian wines. As they profess, they continue to work together in persistent search for absolute finesse and harmony in every detail of the taste of the wine they create.



Kapka Georgieva - Chief oenologist

The winemaker should have a well developed sense from within for the wine he wants to make even when he is just looking at the grapes in the vineyard. In order to create ‘a great wine’ it is not enough only to follow the strict rules and the established ways. Important aspects are the depth of understanding, the experience and the overall philosophy with which one approaches the wine creation. 

Rosen Georgiev - Senior oenologist

The good intuition to choose the terroir, the rootstock, the variety and the canopy management is no longer good enough... It takes hard work, competence and skill to steer the vine to give you what you want ...