The practices of the oenologists in Korten is based on methods established in leading wine countries for the production of small lots of limited edition wines, as well as the so called "vin de garage". This gives a unique character to the wines of each vintage. For this purpose, they focus on in-depth work in the vineyard and manual methods of vinification, in order to create wines, unique in their nature and origin. The grapes, which are hand picked in crates, are coming from selected and controlled vineyards in the region; after being sorted by hand the grapes are vinified in small oak fermenters of up to 500 liters, as well as in small stainless steel containers of 960 liters. Experienced technological team carries out manually all the processes important for the quality of the wine, using technique such as “dipping of the cap” and pressing in small basket presses. The wines are bottled at the winery, followed by a bottle-aging period of at least 6 to 24 months or more in rooms with controlled humidity and temperature.

Barrel Recycling

A key point in the philosophy of the team is the recycling of the barrels used. The Korten winery has its own barrel workshop where  it is possible to renovate the barrels with subsequent toasting. This technique achieves to a great extend the quality and potential of a new barrel, but more importantly it gives the possibility to fine tune the renovation and the toasting of the barrel to match the wine to be used and the flavour and taste desired. This is an environmentally friendly solution for enhancing the desirable aromatic components which the wine can extract from the oak during the aging period. As a new development, in the last several years, the team can carry fermentation in 225 l ‘Roto’ type barrels, which makes it possible to perform long term maceration after the fermentation. Korten prides in gentle wine handling - practically there are no processing and manipulations of the wines except for two rackings during the year and a light filtration before bottling.


The philosophy of the team and the winery is based on the belief that the creation of great wines begins right from the vineyard.  The work in the vineyards is very important element when following an already established technology. The opportunities for innovation and technology are not limitless from scientific, technical and technological point of view, so the attention of the modern winemaker is increasingly directed towards the vineyard. The Korten team monitors at vineyard level whether the most important steps for creating great wines have been followed, namely, regulation of the yield, strength of growth and leaf mass, which elements are considered against the background of the character of the year and the soil moisture reserve.